Accessibility is very important to us and we are making ongoing efforts into making improvements in this area.

Onsite Accessibility

We all work from home and we encourage all our employees to have any in person meetings at an accessible location to cater for anyone with particular needs.

Website Accessibility

We do not have full WCAG 2.2 AA compliance on our website but we are making ongoing efforts to improve our support for this standard. Our starting point is building a website using a modern platform that supports all accessibility requirements. We built this website using WordPress and have delivered a fully responsive website.

We have also ensure that the following elements of accessibility were implemented:

  • Ability to navigate using the keyboard
  • We try to ensure that there is sufficient contrast of colours (e.g. text call to action versus background)
  • Clearly labelled sections, buttons etc
  • Fully responsive
  • Images named correctly (e.g. Alt tags)
  • Good heading structure so it’s easy to understand the importance of sections as your scroll through.

We will continue to improve in this area. If there are any queries in relation to this please email