Shannon Heritage

Increases Sales By 45% In The First Year With an Award Winning Digital Transformation Project.

What Was The Project About?

Shannon Heritage was one of Ireland's largest visitor experience operators, including 8 day visitor attractions and 4 evening entertainment programs in Clare, Limerick, Galway and Dublin.

Some of the attractions did not have websites, some did not have eCommerce payment and some were not up to the high standard that Shannon Heritage required. With more and more tourists wanting to book online it was really important to make significant investment in the short term for a long term gain. That’s why the digital transformation project was introduced.

What Was Our Involvement In The Project?

Our role was to manage the successful delivery of this project and give strategic advice along the way. A project such as this is complicated and involves many vendors with a lot of technical challenges.It is a project that could not go wrong because there was a lot of investment and it was key to long term success of the attractions.

Shannon Heritage went to tender for this project and hired Simply Zesty at the agency to deliver the web design component but needed our involvement as an extra safeguard to improve confidence of successful delivery and to ensure that the project would be delivered on time and within budget.

Here are example work items:

  • Advice on conversion optimisation which was key to the success of the project. This included things like advising on the implementation of the booking process
  • Assessment of technical work from the Agency e.g. SEO plans, integration with 3rd party systems, analytics setup
  • Liasing with other vendors to drive technical delivery of solutions
  • Being a sounding board on any key decisions made on the project that involved the Agency
  • Tracking and managing work to ensure it was delivered on time and within budget

We worked very well alongside the Shannon Heritage team and Simply Zesty (who were excellent) and our combined technical, marketing and management skills helped on this project.

We definitely reduced the level of stress, worry and risk associated with this type of project.

What Were The Results?

  • Increased online revenue by 45% within the first year
  • Overall conversion rate grew by almost 400% from 1.5% to 5.22%
  • Bunratty Castle specifically has experienced online sales growth of +80% YOY with impressive growth in online traffic to approximately 35K users pm
  • An increase across the board in sessions of 52% of website visitors
  • The Mobile conversion rate for Bunratty Castle is now averaging 5.17% vs 1.9%, a much needed improvement in a mobile first world
  • The cross selling of products increased by 12%

And Shannon Heritage also won Digital Transformation project of the year!

  • "We were delighted to have secured the services of Ian and RazorSpire to help transform our business model in going online. Ian's expert guidance ensured the launch of our digital platform accelerated our ecommerce footprint, enhanced our brand equity, and allowed us to connect with new and existing customers in an authentic way. We doubled our online sales within 9 months and this completely pivoted our business model thanks to RazorSpire"

  • Niall O'Callaghan

    Niall O'Callaghan


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