Limerick Institute Of Technology

Migrating from a 30,000 page website to a beautiful modern one without a glitch!

What Was The Project About?

Limerick Institute of Technology are one of the top Universities in Ireland and they had a very large and popular website but needed it replaced.

They hired Simply Zesty to deliver the website but as it was such a large and complex project (over 30,000 pages and lots of integrations to other systems) they hired us to help oversee the project and ensure successful delivery of it.

What Was Our Involvement In The Project?

Our role was to ensure that the project was delivered successfully working with LIT staff, Simply Zesty and other vendors. This involved project management, giving strategy advice, working alongside Simply Zesty to ensure the best approach was taken to all work.

Here are example work items:

  • Advise on maximising conversion of students signing up for courses
  • Advising on migration. This was a complex task as there were over 30,000 pages on the website with a lot of sub domains
  • Tracking any work done in relation to SEO
  • Being a sounding board on any key decisions made on the project that involved the Agency
  • Tracking and managing work to ensure it was delivered on time and within budget

We worked very well alongside the team at LIT and also with Simply Zesty who were excellent. It was a very successful project that went live without any glitches. On the first morning it completely replaced the existing website and worked like a dream.

What Were The Results?

  • LIT has experience a year on year increase in student applications
  • The quality of the website structure and content has improved dramatically
  • Staff and students have become more engaged with the website due to the improved use of video and imagery content
  • The website has provided us with a greater ability to publish website content quickly. This has been greatly important in 2020 due to COVID-19

As a consultant, Ian Cleary played a major role in helping us develop and deliver our new website

His experience in dealing with all aspects of a website development project, from beginning to end, proved to be an invaluable asset to us. From liaising with the website development team to ensuring all necessary requirements for the website were delivered on time.

Working with Ian was a pleasure and I would certainly contact him again to assist with the delivery of another website project in the future.

Shane Malone

Marketing Manager LIT

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