Failte Ireland

Major Digital Transformation for 45 businesses in Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands!

What Was The Project About?

Failte Ireland are a Government organisation who are responsible for helping tourism businesses in Ireland thrive. They represent thousands of organisations ranging from Hotels, tourism attractions, activities, food producers etc.

This project was about transforming the digital presence of 45 tourism activity and attraction businesses in the hidden heartlands. There was a significant budget set aside to provide the training, mentoring and grant funding to help replace the participants websites. This project is complete just over 3 years now and it's been a big success. It's so successful that we are working on a much larger digital transformation project with Failte Ireland and we have replaced 150 websites so far.

What Was Our Involvement In The Project?

We worked directly with the Failte Ireland hidden heartlands team from the very start and together we built out a plan for achieving success and managed that plan until completion. The most important part to this program was to ensure the money was invested wisely for the businesses in a broad range of supports over the 18 month period. This was a very unique program within Failte Ireland and has so far been considered a very successful and worthwhile program to run.

  • Project Management - We project managed the project alongside the Hidden Heartlands team in Failte Ireland
  • Website Audit - We completed a very detailed website audit for all of the businesses
  • Training - We built customised training programs for the participants and brought in relevant trainers as required
  • Mentoring - We provided 1 to 1 mentoring to all participants at various stages of the program
  • Website Proposals Evaluation - We helped each business assess proposals from agencies so they picked the most suitable proposal
  • Website Review - During the course of Agencies building the websites we provided ongoing support to review designs, provide feedback on technical decisions, etc.
  • Sign Off - At the end of the project we signed off the project if it met requirements

What Were The Results?

This was a very successful project and with high quality and high converting websites delivered.   It was so successful we are now working on a bigger transformation project for Failte Ireland that involves hundreds of websites.   

  • Some that didn’t have websites not have fantastic ones
  • Over 90% now have online booking or will have when they are live
  • On average there was over a 50% increase in traffic to the sites
  • The ability to track results has greatly improved

From where we started to where we are now we are one million miles more knowledgeable and clued into what we need and what is required of a website. The programme has been fantastic and we have learned so much in all aspects of websites. We would not be here at this stage without RazorSpire, they have been incredible, not just on the courses but with their time, energy and knowledge from day one to now. Their enthusiasm kept us going, as it is not easy and these Covid-19 times, it would have been easy to back out of the programme but when you know you have RazorSpire there for you, it is what kept us in. We thank FI, IHH and RazorSocial, all the speakers and other businesses for giving us this opportunity. We aim to get the best use of all the resources provided.


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