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Actionable Plans

Are you concerned about a digital transformation project you are running or planning?

  • You are lacking the technical knowledge in the team to manage external suppliers?
  • You are just too busy and need some additional expertise?
  • You are concerned with data security and and compliance?
  • The project is progressing well but need an external opinion to validate this?
  • Need help to set up measurements to track ROI?

We  have strong expertise in Digital Transformation with specialist knowledge in Marketing and AI. 

We work on our own or partner with companies for large scale implementations.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Providing expert guidance on crafting a comprehensive digital strategy that aligns with business goals.

Here's how we do it:

  • Digital strategy consultation and development: Understanding business objectives, challenges and market position followed by the development of a tailored digital strategy.
  • Market analysis and competitive benchmarking: Conducting thorough market research and competitive analysis to identify trends, opportunities, and potential threats in the digital landscape.
  • Digital transformation roadmap development: Creating a comprehensive and actional digital transformation roadmap that outlines key initiatives, timelines and milestones.
  • Digital culture development: Facilitating the cultural and organization change necessary for a successful digital transformation.


We offer comprehensive technological support and solutions tailored to enhance your digital capabilities and drive significant business innovation.

Here’s how we help:

  • Technology infrastructure overhaul: Revamping and upgrading technology infrastructure to support to digital transformation objectives.
  • Digital tools and platform implementation: Identifying, selecting and implemtening cutting edge digital toool and platforms that align with objectives.
  • Innovation and emerging technology: Exploring and integrating emerging technology (e.g. AI)
  • Security and compliance: Ensuring you have the protection required and are compliant.

Support Services

You may already have an internal team in place already for digital transformation or an external company but you want some independent advice and ongoing support to ensure successful delivery.

Here’s how we help:

  • Independent Digital Transformation Audits: Conducting comprehensive reviews of ongoing digital transformation projects to evaluate their alignment with business goals, effectiveness, and efficiency.
  • Strategic Advisory Services: Offering expert, independent advice on digital transformation strategies, including technology investments, project prioritization, and risk management.
  • Ongoing Project Monitoring and Support: Providing continuous oversight and support for digital transformation projects, including performance monitoring, issue resolution, and stakeholder communication.
  • Training and skill development for internal teams: Designing and delivering tailored training programs to upskill internal teams, ensuring they are equipped with the latest digital skills and competencies.

Startsiden is one of Norways largest media companies and over the last couple of years we worked with RazorSpire to help us with our digital transformation strategy as we innovate our businesses to drive more revenue growth. RazorSpire provided invaluable strategic consultancy that has helped us grow our business and create a solid foundation for future growth.

Trygve SorVaag


Getting more from Digital Transformation within your organisation is easy

Get on the phone to us.

We may not be suitable partners so they best thing to start with is a phone call. Lets chat through your project and if we're a right fit you'll know at the end of the call.


Provide us what problems you are trying to solve.

Before starting any project we want to be clear about what problems you are trying to solve and from this we'll outline some initial ideas to make sure we're singing off the same hymn sheet!


Get a proposal from us.

If we move to this level we'll create a proposal for project. We'll present this in detail and adjust as required.


Start working together.

We can then hopefully start working together. We only take on projects that we will enjoy working on them. We enjoy working on them because we can deliver value to our clients.


A Few Clients We Helped

As a consultant, Ian Cleary played a major role in helping us develop and deliver our new website

His experience in dealing with all aspects of a website development project, from beginning to end, proved to be an invaluable asset to us. From liaising with the website development team to ensuring all necessary requirements for the website were delivered on time.

Working with Ian was a pleasure and I would certainly contact him again to assist with the delivery of another website project in the future.

Shane Malone

Marketing Manager LIT

I can’t recommend Ian and the RazorSpire team (formerly RazorSocial) highly enough.  As part of our digital marketing transformation they built and delivered a world-class certificated social media course from scratch and over 100 of my staff worldwide have benefited from the Digital Skills they learned. All the people who attended one of the courses never fail to mention how much they benefitted from it and it has greatly helped to raise the standard of our social media management across all the skills. Thanks Ian!

David Blundell

Head of Global Social Media, British Council

"Ian Cleary and his team have extensive knowledge in Marketing Technology and AI and we rely on their sound advice when building out our technology stack. We highly recommend RazorSpire".

Justin Mullen

CEO, DataOps

We were delighted to have secured the services of Ian and RazorSpire (formerly RazorSocial) to help transform our business model in going online. Ian's expert guidance ensured the launch of our digital platform accelerated our ecommerce footprint, enhanced our brand equity, and allowed us to connect with new and existing customers in an authentic way. We doubled our online sales within 9 months and this completely pivoted our business model thanks to RazorSpire.

Niall O'Callaghan

Niall O'Callaghan

General Manager (EX) Shannon Heritage