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Ian is considered one of the top Digital transformation, AI & Marketing influencers around the world who engages, impacts and effects change.

Known for:
Inspiring, actionable and entertaining talks….with a touch of the Irish charm!

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Why event organizers pick Ian...

Ian is a very popular speaker and here’s why event organizers pick him (and often more than once!)


He will inspire and impress your audiences. They will leave the conference motivated for change.

Forward Thinking

He will put your audience one step ahead of their competition.

Actionable Content

It’s great to inspire an audience but he also gives them specific actions to take. We want results!

Energetic & fun

He is a bundle of energy that enjoys getting an audience to smile.


Ian is just a really friendly guy that smiles a lot. That goes a long way connecting with audiences.

Ian says yes more than no

On top of speaking there’s often interviews, videos, meetings to attend etc. Ian is committed to your event success and likes to say yes to your requests.

A very personable, friendly, humorous guy with a passion for marketing and technology that will inspire, educate and entertain your audience.

Ian Cleary of RazorSpire recently spoke at our 2024 Meet the Media event in Dublin, on the topic of The Power of AI in Tourism. Ian’s talk was excellent. He was well prepared, well researched and his presentation style was fun, relaxed, yet engaging and informative. Our delegates loved his talk on digital transformation. We could not have asked for more from Ian. Our event was elevated by having an expert in AI and digital transformation, such as Ian Cleary. Thank you Ian.

Michael Collins

Michael Collins

Founder/MD, TravelMedia.ie

Ian Cleary is the go-to expert for the state of digital marketing technology. He delivered a fantastic talk at MarTech Europe, excellent in both content and presentation style. Highly recommended as a speaker!

Scott Brinker


I was looking for someone to do a hardcore session on content and social measurement for our show and I immediately thought of Ian. Ian has a deep understanding of marketing technology and how it can be used to grow a business online and he was so popular we invited him to speak at our conference 5 years in a row - Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing World

Joe Pulizzi

Founder of The Tilt Newsletter & Creator Economy Expo

Suggested Talks

Impactful Talks Tailored For Your Audience
Marketing technology trends: Trends you can’t ignore

As well as understanding ‘the now’ you need to keep an eye on what’s coming next. Marketing technology is constantly evolving and if businesses don’t track the trends and look to the future they’ll fall behind. In this presentation we’ll inspire and educate the audience on key trends and how they will affect their business in the future. Our goal is to get your audience to think more strategically and long term about technology research and investment.

A Digital Marketing Transformation Framework for Success

Building We will go through RazorSpires's proprietary framework for digital marketing transformation that will provide companies the building blocks for success.

Transforming your Marketing using AI

AI is going to completely transform how businesses operate but if a business does not innovate using AI now they will struggle to survive.  This talk will drive home this point to businesses and they'll leave with a model for transformation.

Blockchain & Crypto

There's a lot of hype in this area but we'll distill from the hype to outline what businesses should and shouldn't be doing in this area.  There are some exciting developments but there will also be a lot of wasted time in this space.

Marketing Optimization: Optimize what you have before you build something new

Too often we’re thinking of driving more traffic, building more followers and creating new campaigns. But what about optimizing what we have already? Can we drive more traffic to the high converting pages? Can we improve our bottom of the funnel conversion rates? Can we drive more engagement with the audience we already have?

About The Founder

RazorSpire was founded by Ian Cleary who is a recognised thought leader in marketing technology and digital transformation. Some of Ian’s credentials include:

  • Overseen the delivery of 150 websites over the last 18 months as part of a large digital transformation project.
  • Recognised as top 40 Digital Strategist in the US. Based in Ireland but has a strong presence in the US.
  • Blog generated over 1 million visitors in one year and content was shared over 500k times.
  • Co-Author of multiple books.
  • Invited to speak at many marketing and technology conferences.

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